Laundry Kilos 4KG/min

Everything count with Kilos! Price cheap for Wash-Dry-Press.

Why? As normal laundry services are generally for individual clothes, right? In this era of technological development, washing machines are increasingly efficient in terms of washing capacity.

Why is there a minimum weight for Laundry kilos?

Washing machines on the market recently had capacity, The capacity are begin with 6KG, 10KG, 15KG and more . once time cycle of washing will consider capacity of washing machine.

What’s Minimum KG for Laundry kilos?

Shella laundry has minimum weight for all packet laundry kilos, Minimum 4KG event your pile not up-to 4KG.

Several thing to know when use Laundry Kilos

There are a lot services laundry kilos near us, here some tips when chooses.

Compare Laundry Kilos and Laundry Exclusive

Laundry Kilos

are washing together, Put all clothes “*Customer select packet” in washing machine by capacity.

Laundry Exclusive

are traditional washing with more intensive care or No Machine care!. The service usually uses for removing stain and branded clothes.

One machine One Customer! Laundry kilo’s.

Laundry kilo's with 4 Step

Wanna try! Why Looking Laundry Kilos near us!
  • 1

    We Collect

    Schedule a Pick-Up! Anywhere and Anytime where you are. Just wait at doorstep and leave over the pile of laundry to us.

  • 2

    We Inspect

    Become a trusted laundry service, always inspect every item of clothes. Counting, calculated, write down everything that belongs and issuing the receipt.

  • 3

    We Clean

    Our facilities are comprehensive and Design for laundries. We always doing carefully to taking care your laundry.

  • 4

    We Deliver

    Quality check before return Clean laundry with long lasting fragrance guaranteed neat and packaged

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