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Shella laundry telah melayani di bisnis laundry sekitar 5 Tahun. Kebanyakan Layanan meet required customer people.

The micro business laundry near Surabaya that has legal documents

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Premium Laundry Surabaya & Dry Cleaning Services

Jika Anda mencari layanan dry cleaning yang luar biasa, laundry bersih berkilau, setrika linen profesional, maka Anda datang ke tempat yang tepat!

Sjella Laundry is a professional linen cleaning business that has been dedicated for over 5 years to providing the best service. we strive to provide the best experience you deserve! So bring your laundry, dry cleaning, ironing and upholstery needs to us today, why wait?

At Shella laundry Near surabaya, WE HELP LIFE MORE EASIER!

About Us- Vision-Mission-Values
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Sebagaii Laundry express Surabaya, Berusaha memberikan pelayanan terbaik di bidang laundry untuk membantu gaya hidup masyarakat tentunya.
Live more easy without care about pile of laundry.

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Kami Menghargai pelanggan Stay tune! dan Follow US! Kami selalu berinovasi terhadap pelayanan kami terhadap kebutuhan masyarakat Surabaya.

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We serve more than 5 years laundry
  • Dry Cleaning

    Laundry near Surabaya provide dry cleaning as a professional service that helps you maintain your clothes' quality and cleanliness without damaging delicate fabrics. It involves the use of special solvents and detergents to clean garments that may not withstand traditional washing methods,

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  • Layanan laundry

    Has your laundry turned into a smelly, frustrating pile on the floor? Looking Laundry near Surabaya ! save the day no need to bring your clothes and laundry items! Just Call US. We'll clean it with soap and gentle suds, and return it smelling great! We'll clean up the mess and make your laundry feel fresh again!

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  • iron-setrika-laundry-express-kilat-surabay

    Pressing Service

    Do you want to run away screaming while pressing your clothes? Let us help you streamline and streamline your laundry needs! With our experience and skills, we will make your linens ironed so beautifully that you will feel confident! With Shella Laundry near surabaya, why press any more?

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  • Carpet-laundry-express-kilat-surabaya

    Cuci Karpet

    Did ever feel how to Laundry Gorden, Laundry Carpet and Laundry shoes!
    Let the professionals help and give them the thorough cleaning they deserve!
    Just call us and Schedule a pickup, let's Laundry near surabaya do what we do best!

  • Stroller And Baby Wash

    Have you ever had several Question? How to wash a stroller, Doodle and Baby stuff.
    Let's Laundry near Surabaya serve one solution for your baby stuff .

  • Laundry Shoes

    Laundry shoes are an important part of our daily lives, because they are always exposed to dirt, mud and various pollutants which can make them uncomfortable to wear. Cleaning it regularly not only maintains its appearance but also helps extend its lifespan. Looking Laundry near Surabaya!

Focused Quality of Performance the Shella laundry near Surabaya!

SHELLA Team feeling enjoy and energetic every time serve customer.

Shella Laundry near Surabaya Trusted by over 75% local customer and 25% Foreigner customer. Try choose us today! Become trusted laundry Surabaya near YOU!

Most of traveler used our service, and makes us become favorites laundries!