Your Trusted Dry Cleaners and Best Laundry Express Surabaya City

From express 2hr delivery to affordable 6-day turnaround, we tailor our dry cleaning and laundry services to your needs.
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PAHE 25 KG /MONTH spending Rp. 150.000 Packet Regular

Your Trusted Laundry Express Surabaya

Our outlet location at East Surabaya and able to reach customer location from Central, West, North and South Surabaya. Shella has provided Variety Kilos Express laundry, curtain cleaning, Bed-Cover, Carpet cleaning, and much more.


Laundry Express Surabaya with extra services Pick-up Delivery


Trusted laundry express surabaya for quality cleaning and care. Our experts thoroughly clean, press and package your garments. Services include dry cleaning,, Steam Press,, curtain and carpet cleaning, with convenient pickup and delivery.


Shella Laundry provides premium laundry and dry cleaning services at affordable and competitive prices. Choose from a variety of turnaround times to suit your needs. With quality services at affordable prices, easily accessible and comfortable for everyone.


Enjoy the convenience of pick-up and drop-off in the city of Surabaya with Shella . Drop off and pick up your laundry and dry cleaning at our, or use our delivery service to pick it up and return it to your home. Quality cleaning can be accessed throughout Surabaya.

Turnaround Time Option

Need wet cleaning tomorrow? Fit your laundry into your schedule! As providing Laundry express Surabaya offers a range of service times for laundry services (Wash, Clean & Iron, Iron only, and other additional services).

12-hr Super Express

*Laundry must be picked up no later than 12 noon. return at night


24-hr Express

Get your freshly cleaned laundry back as quickly as next day.


3-day Regular

Budget-friendly convenience with no extra charges.

When YOU need laundry express Surabaya

We know that piles of clothes create unpleasant sights and smells. When planning to travel, airline regulations limit carry-on baggage.
Expect a convenient and efficient for laundry Express Surabaya.?

Why Choosing Us One Of Laundry Express Surabaya

Our team of professionals will handle your laundry with care and ensure that it is cleaned and folded to your satisfaction. We offer quick turnaround times and flexible pickup and delivery options to fit your schedule. Whether you need to wash your everyday clothes or delicate items, Laundry Express Surabaya will assist you.

Services laundry Express Surabaya with 6 Steps

Providing especially reliable and low cost services, Laundry Express Surabaya always has procedures to create customer comfort.
  • 1


    Your laundry will be sorted based on color, fabric type, and washing instructions to ensure proper care.

  • 2


    Stains and spots will be treated before the actual washing process begins to increase the chances of successful stain removal.

  • 3


    Your clothes will be washed using Green detergents and settings based on their fabric type and care instructions.

  • 4


    After washing, your clothes will be dried using either tumble dryers or air drying methods, depending on the fabric and your preferences.

  • 5


    Once dry, Your clothes will be neatly folded with Long lasting fragrance Which make us easier to store and transport.

  • 6


    Your clean and folded laundry will be packaged, ready for pickup or delivery, ensuring it stays fresh and protected.

Our Service as Convenient laundry Express Surabaya steps may vary depending on the provider and any additional services You may have requested.


Trusted Laundry Services in Surabaya

SHELLA Laundry Express Surabaya provides professional and excellent Dry cleaning and laundry services for more than three years now,

Reaching out over one-Hundred five-star review. We pride ourselves in providing the best and cheapest laundry services in the country; we believe that our services are unmatched in quality and efficiency.

For your utmost convenience, we provide laundry delivery services too, just give us a ring on our official WhatsApp channel and a Representative will get in touch with you.

Satisfied customers using Shella's Laundry Express Surabaya!

The result are neat and Strongest Aroma.
I was helped by the 25 kg saving package. With Regular services.
``Affordable Price for student college.`` and SHELLA serve likes their clothes.
Danish Aulia Student College
I am really greatly help me out and the result is awesome.
It was i looking the laundry with special request handle for ``FOOTBALL CLOTHES`` with express service.
SHELLA Laundry Express Surabaya good choice, they know well how to handle !
Next future any event coming at surabaya surely will use their service.
Shariffo Pelindo
We can choose as we want!
Living at apartment with tight schedule, For Laundry i am just left at lobby and SHELLA will handle.
The serve well start from pickup till they return back at lobby.
My Clothes never miss event use Express 4 Hours.
Trust-able Laundry
Fitri Sedani Business Women

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