Washing Carpet: Tips for a Fresh and Clean Look

Washing Carpets Tips.

Carpets add warmth and comfort to any room, but they can also trap dust, dirt and odors if not cared for properly. Keeps your carpet clean. Here are some tips for washing your carpet:

Before washing carpets, there are various types of carpets and not all carpet washing processes are the same. Here the type of mosque carpet in general is Polypropylene. Most people use this type of carpet because of its durability, but many people don’t know the washing routine.

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Polypropylene Carpet The following types of carpet can be brushed manually or using a rotary brush machine to make it more effective. Carpet washing can be maximized if done twice on the back layer and top layer of the carpet. Professional carpet laundry generally uses rotary brush machines

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the carpet cleaning tools that most people have for a vacuum cleaner. If you have the right type of vacuum cleaner for your carpet type, it will be more effective.

Detergent and rinsing

For Washing carpet, you will need Defoaming (foaming caused by carpet detergents can reduce the effectiveness of the machine and increase drying time). The rinsing process requires lots of water so that the foam doesn’t get trapped in the carpet hairs. Professional carpet cleaners generally use water or jet pressure cleaners to more effectively reduce dust exposed to detergent

Vacuum or Spinner for Drying

For Washing carpet need to dry well for avoid odor, Both equipment is useful but There are several advantages to using a carpet spinner to dry carpets. more faster and more efficient.

Drying Carpets

When drying the carpet after washing carpets, try to hang it so that both sides of the layer can be exposed to air, this is effective in preventing the growth of residual detergent odors.

So, those are easy tips for washing carpets regularly. You can try it at home and if the washing results are still not enough or there is still a lot of hair then the mustache/hair is not clean. You can take it to Shella Surabaya carpet laundry.

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