Press Steam

Steamer or Electric iron ? which one better.

To doing press a clothe need an extra material likes water, without it the clothes will not maximum removing a wrinkle.
Not all clothes able to iron with electric clothes, mostly needed while pressing a clothe with electric iron :

1. Press board or iron board, people never care with that’s
2. Spray bottle, before pressing need to spray a clothe with water to remove a wrinkle
3. Hang dry, immediately put it on a proper hanger.

That’s look not good! and make feel unconvinced

Human error always occurs because waiting for an electric iron to heat up is a waste of time. Right!
High risk potential when used electric irons with new heat control temperature, so humans never care about it or don’t know exactly which heat is better for clothes and without realizing the effect at clothes being burnt or shiny. see for disini more article.

Steamer Iron

Handheld Steamer are greats, more effective and efficient, No Spray, Anti burnt, and no shine. Just the ideal industrial launderette.
Ironing clothes with steam may not be used by everyone, it requires a professional technician to use it. like trousers and tuxedos there needs to be a method for ironing, The movie below will show you how to do professional hand ironing.


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