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  • What are the different types of stain clothe that can be found on trousers?

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    are various types of stain clothe that can be found on trousers, each with their own unique characteristics and methods of removal. It is important to identify the type of stain before attempting to remove it, as using the wrong method could potentially damage the fabric. Whether it is a food stain, oil stain, or ink stain, there are many products and techniques available to effectively remove the stain and restore the appearance of your trousers. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

    Some short stories about laundry services being selected by customers are shown below.

    WHAT TYPES OF CLOTHING STAIN ? Mr. Ahmad on duty at hospital premiere Surabaya for few days. after arriving at Country heritage hotel, looked for a near laundry that could be trusted because of his busy schedule, and tried to find it with his cell phone. he searched for the nearest laundry on google and after seeing at his phone that's a lot of laundries at around.

    So many thoughts in his head!

    It's not easy to choose which one is better after taking a deep look at the information inside Google and searching for laundries with websites so that I could see how good their service is.. Finally chose SHELLA because it has many packages laundry kilo and many visitors have used their services.

    In his mind, Why are so many visitors using their services!

    Got it now.

    Shella Laundry offers affordable prices, including a delivery service. Firstly, I need to try Shella Laundry Kilat and place an order for their express service. My clothes are very dirty and smelly, also have to be ready tomorrow. I told them please clean well because so many stain clothe especially on the collar cloth.  

    A Type of Stain clothe is Oily Stain

    Oil stain contain salt and protein from our body can cause yellow stain clothe. Most household stains are of the oily variety. Here is an illustration of what a stain might look like.

    In fact, removing yellow stains is easy if treated immediately. We all know that regular detergents with "surfactants" are capable of this.

    What happens if it's too late?

    Ada begitu banyak pilihan yang harus dihadapi tetapi ingat lebih baik pilih jalan yang resikonya kecil. Bahan atau bahan kimia apa saja, berikut lima bahan yang paling banyak digunakan: 1. Lemon cleaners 2. Baking soda 3. Aspirin 4. white vinegar 5. Sunlight setelah membersihkan noda kuning, lalu cuci dengan Deterjen kami mampu menguraikan noda secara ilmiah.

    KNOK-KNOK, Ponsel ringing!

    after being handed their laundry, it wasn't long to wait for new message come. they sent detailed receipts starting with the total pieces, weight of the clothes and the type of order. looking good makes me can get rest well. receipt The next day at 8:15am, or breakfast time, they returned the laundry. It looked nice, packed well, and smelled really strong. I told them maybe I will stay here about 1 week doing some work. so i will sure use their service!

    I am giving them a reputation for service.

    the use of greener detergent has proven to be highly effective in degrading stains on cloth. The little stories above the stain cloth have shown a remarkable success rate of 99.9%, regardless of which packet is chosen. This not only provides a more environmentally friendly option for cleaning, but also ensures that stains are effectively removed. With the growing concern for the environment, the use of greener detergent is a step towards a more sustainable future.

  • NO STAINS, why need to wash bed cover?

    Looks clean but smiley,Realize Bed-Cover


    not only for sleep, many people do a lot of activities on the bed.
    These activities will have the impact of leaving dirt that is not realized. That's why even clean-looking sheets can become an invisible nest of dust, bedbugs, mites, and mold. It's no wonder that people who have allergies are very sensitive if the sheets are not changed regularly. New Bed-cover may still have the factory chemicals attached to them from the smell. bedcover-label

    That's Normal, wrinkle-free labels usually use formaldehyde or preservative chemical additives. refer at this site made safe This is done to prevent the fabric fibers from wrinkling after washing.

    Using formaldehyde at high temperatures will leave a residue on newly produced sheets. This chemical is classified as carcinogenic or can trigger cancer if exposed for a long time.

    That's several reason why needed washing bed-cover continuously

    Unfortunately washing bed-cover is quite a heavy and a waste of time.
    The era of all-machine that makes our life more easier, with big capacity washing machine capable for that's job.

    here movie how to wash bed-cover with one time.


    2 Step Washing Bed-Cover with machine

    See movie on youtube and ``Click`` subscribe if liked.

    Easy to wash Bed-Cover! We can do it at home! Keep our mind for cleaning we can do also with manual way! Put at bucket with hot water and put Detergent then rinse it. As we know Washing machine also capable to do all automatically.


  • We have been living in the Covid-19 pandemic for almost a year. During that time, we are all trying More

    to break the chain of transmission of the Corona virus by complying with health protocols.

    what are the tips for choosing better kilos laundry during a pandemic?

    since kilos laundry become a necessity with a reasonable and sufficient budget for households, employees and traveler,there are a number of things that make attention. Reasonable Price Professional service Looking around you are there kilos laundry, ask to some one around you who have used kilo laundry services or looks from media social likes google. The price range of service might be competitive that's normal, You need to think about the service. Low price not always guarantee they able serve well, right? don't let the service become thread us. Let's watch the educational film below, what are the effects of not being smart enough to choose kilo laundry.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

    While given your laundry, there is a few things need pay attention.

    • make sure you are count dirty clothes, before given to your favorites laundries
    • Give some noted are there any special care or your clothes not able mixed
    • End sure they give receipt and noted before processing your laundry