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Maybe we don’t realize purposing that’s tag label exactly. These tags are called Care Labels/Tags. Did you know that these are actually the manufacturer’s instructions on how to best care for and wash your new clothes? Do you know what those pesky little symbols on the labels on your clothes mean?

The first thing you need to learn is what each symbol means on a laundry symbols chart.

The icon that looks like a bucket of water instructs how to wash a garment, the square with a circle in the center instructs how to dry it, and the iron symbol instructs how to iron it. The remaining laundry tag symbols refer to bleaching (triangle), dry-cleaning (circle), and non-machine drying (square) instructions.

Laundry Symbol Chart:

As we can see, how to properly care for clothes/jeans.
The icon symbol already explains how to wash, so don’t put it in the machine right away:
Washing Instruction
Washing Temperatures
Washing cycles

Drying temperature, also mention on icon labels:
Any Heat
High Heat
Medium Heat
Low Heat
No Heat/Traditional drying

Also need attention cycle using For Drying:
Normal Cycle
Permanent Press Cycle
Delicate/Gentle Cycle

Drying is an important part of keeping your clothes looking good and fitting well. If you’ve ever dried a sweater that comes out of the wash three sizes too small, you know firsthand what we mean. Understanding drying symbols can help your favorite garments last longer.

Follow the label instructions to save your garment from being ruined by chlorine bleach.
Bleaching Laundry Symbols, Also need more attention not all clothes:
Bleaching Allowed
Do Not Bleach
Use Non-Chlorine Bleach

Ironing Laundry Symbols
Iron Low
Iron Medium
Iron High
Do Not Iron
No Steam Added To Iron

Some fabrics, like cotton and linen, look great after ironing; others, like delicates made with synthetics, can be easily damaged. Wool and silk can be ironed, for example, but you must iron these fabrics without using steam. Following the care labels on your garments goes a long way, but your iron can also lend a hand: Most modern irons feature temperature settings for popular fabrics.
Dry Cleaning Laundry Symbols
Any Solvent
Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene
Petroleum Solvent Only
Short Cycle
Reduce Moisture
Low Heat
No Steam Finishing

“Dry clean only” means what it says. Machine washing garments with this laundry symbol will damage them. “Professionally dry clean” means that the dry cleaning process must use a certain solvent, reduction in cleaning time, the addition or elimination of steam in pressing the garment, and other instructions. While these instructions are more for your dry cleaner, we did promise you the ultimate laundry symbols guide!

You might have noticed that care labels don’t have any instructions for detergents. That’s because modern washers can use cold water and get most laundry clean. Most laundry detergents contain enzymes that can clean in temperatures as low as 60℉. Cold water is enough for most clothes, towels, throws, and other machine-washable laundry, but read that label to be sure.

We hope our ultimate laundry symbol guide helps you take better care of your clothes. Do you want to keep your entire home as clean and crisp as your newfound laundry techniques keep your clothes? Let The Maids create a personalized house cleaning solution that fits your budget, schedule, and unique cleaning needs.

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