General information

One of your main priorities is the privacy of our customers.
For Using our service
This Privacy Policy document contains types of information point based our rules.

If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us through email or Whatsapp.

  • While drop laundry with us, that’s mean customer has “agree” with our regulations.
  • All transaction accepted which not out of our regulation.
  • We are not accepted any regulations with no excuse, except for the rules that have been written in the document
  • All terms and conditions contained on this page are binding. Negligence on the part of consumers because they do not read the existing rules carefully does not make exceptions to the enactment of the rules that have been set.

Transaction policies

  • We are accepted any transaction, COD(cash on delivery) or electronic Bank transfer
  • Laundries only for clothes, and has minimum weight based on package.
  • Payment, we are accept the process while pick-up or after return the laundries
  • Make noted to us while pass the laundries if is there any special care. otherwise we are not responsibility for any complaint. Put notes on Whatsapp message
  • Please inform which clothes not able drying with machine and need traditional drying
  • Please take noted every transaction recorded and got receipt
  • We are suggested if you clothe that’s branded, better use exclusive package
  • Cancellation only able if laundries not processing yet, If there is a service delivery and laundry already pickup, There is a charge around IDR 35.000 + shipping fee

Exclusive & Laundries policies

  • Laundries only for day clothes, If any request for service exclusive package will be apply
  • if any white clothe and not able mix with other, exclusive package will be apply before we will confirm for the first
  • Please noted for Exclusive package, might be express time not applying

Pick-up & Delivery policy

  • The service will be start on 8’Clock AM – 8’Clock PM
  • Any request out of service time,”YES” Possible with coordinate with us
  • Delivery time normally at service time, if any request please coordinate with our
  • We only do the best service not only words, keep mind if customer take express package 2 Hours we will make 3 hours that’s mean 2 hours for processing laundry and 1 Hours for service Pickup-delivery.
  • Special request for express time, “YES” possible with agreement with us then we will arrange it
  • The service only able for once time order with same destination, Change direction the service charge might be apply
  • Before deliver laundry, We will send confirmation first thru whatsapp message.

Count & Calculation policy

  • we will suggest you do count your clothes first!, before pass to us
  • Weight calculation and make it flat might be apply, Keep mind all package has minimum for weight if laundry less than minimum package. we are still count minimum.
  • Another clause if laundries with weight 4.7 Kilogram, we will calculated become 5 Kilogram

Compensation Policy

Customer is our priority.

  • Compensation will be given if any disaster which cause by us, the amount compensation might be half from clothe price. and not more IDR 200.000
  • if customer not satisfied with our service, we will grant our service with no charge

Lost and Found Policy

We are apologize the worker sometimes out of our control, The situation in laundries can be happens,even we trying to minimize with the system.

  • We will cover the lost of clothes which the both receipt not same
  • After gotten confirmation receipt laundries, and not take and no confirmation within 30 days, we will declare the laundries is disappear.