Clean and Fresh: The Washable Bed-Cover Solution

NO STAINS, why need to wash bed cover?

Looks clean but smiley,Realize Bed-Cover not only for sleep, many people do a lot of activities on the bed.
These activities will have the impact of leaving dirt that is not realized. That’s why even clean-looking sheets can become an invisible nest of dust, bedbugs, mites, and mold. It’s no wonder that people who have allergies are very sensitive if the sheets are not changed regularly. New Bed-cover may still have the factory chemicals attached to them from the smell. bedcover-label

That’s Normal, wrinkle-free labels usually use formaldehyde or preservative chemical additives. refer at this site made safe This is done to prevent the fabric fibers from wrinkling after washing.

Using formaldehyde at high temperatures will leave a residue on newly produced sheets. This chemical is classified as carcinogenic or can trigger cancer if exposed for a long time.

That’s several reason why needed washing bed-cover continuously

Unfortunately washing bed-cover is quite a heavy and a waste of time.
The era of all-machine that makes our life more easier, with big capacity washing machine capable for that’s job.

here movie how to wash bed-cover with one time.

2 Step Washing Bed-Cover with machine

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Easy to wash Bed-Cover! We can do it at home! Keep our mind for cleaning we can do also with manual way! Put at bucket with hot water and put Detergent then rinse it. As we know Washing machine also capable to do all automatically.

  • Apakah Shella Detergent di perjual belikan ?
    Apakah berpengaruh dengan suhu air dalam proses Pencucian.
    Terima kasih

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